It all started when...

        I created a small cage piece entitled She Was a Good Catch in 1995 for the Spring Art Show at Wailoa Art Center in Hawaii. I got such a good response that I decided to do more pieces with the cage theme. Although I did create a few cage pieces in 1996 and 1998, it wasn’t until 1999 that I made a firm commitment to creating a series of pieces based on the cage theme. Originally, I had thought of trying to create between 40 and 50 pieces, with each cage being totally different in shape and design. I now have over 100 pieces, and I've stopped counting.  

The Confinement Series incorporates both simple and complex arrangements of distinctive objects in caged environments. The cages draw one into a quiet meditative space that allows the viewer to consider how the ordinary can become enchanted and sometimes magical. These “protected worlds” treat the viewer to a small journey into another world. The cages also represent a way to see how our thoughts and beliefs concerning time, money, relationships, spirituality, and appearances can confine and limit us. Sometimes we see ourselves as if we were in a trap, a cage from which we can see no way out. Frequently however, the bars of the cage can represent something to which we are excessively attached.

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Roots Tranquility

The Key Is To Not Let Time Rule Your Life Passage

She Always Seemed To Get Herself Into Hot Water Good Times Party Dress Songbird


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